Antirrhesis (an-tir-rhee’-sis): Rejecting reprehensively the opinion or authority of someone.

A: You’re so full of crap your breath smells like a gas station restroom! There’s no way out you lying piece of flattened roadkill! You will never learn, you chunky puddle of vomit on a priceless Persian carpet! I think it might be time to call it quits with you, you overflowing urine bucket in a crowded jail cell!

What is “right” about what you’ve done? Bullshit! You wouldn’t know what’s right if it bit you on the butt. What can be “right” about going hunting at the zoo? You shot Hermy the popular and adorable sloth! Your reason for shooting Hermy? “All the other animals moved too fast.” That’s the kind of answer I’d expect from a psychopath, and you’re a psychopath. So, get out of here. I hope you get caught Mr. Pervert. I never should’ve bought that damn handgun for your birthday. All these years you held your malicious hostility toward zoo animals in check. I guess the gun prompted you to play out your perversion. I’m sorry, but not that sorry.

I’m going to the veterinary hospital to visit Hermy. I don’t ever want to see you again. Do the right thing: turn yourself in. What’s that? A sloth costume!! No, I won’t put it on! Ever! No! Never! No. . . .

B: Put it on very slowly.

Definition courtesy of Silva Rhetoricae (

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