Daily Archives: December 17, 2021


Antimetabole (an’-ti-me-ta’-bo-lee): Repetition of words, in successive clauses, in reverse grammatical order.

I look at my Facebook page, and my Facebook page looks at me. It has a consciousness of my life’s triviality, the causes I’ve championed, the countless memes I’ve posted: none of them truly loved, none of them striking a chord, none of them shared. Every day I ask”How do I get 5,000 likes?” “How do I go viral?” “Should do a Tik-Tok dance covered with Nutella, with a Roman candle firing out my ass?” Oh? Too cliched. Begging for attention. Not cool. Been done already by a Tibetan monk? Oh.

Then, there are all the hot-looking women who want to be my friend. Why? They’ll know I’m stupid and desperate if and when I friend them. Even though I am stupid and desperate, I don’t friend them. They are not friends, they are enemies, at least I can figure that out. They would ruin my marriage and bankrupt me if we became friends: How ironic that friends can be enemies on Facebook. And anyway, I don’t want to be their friends, simply because they are evil.

But on the other side, Facebook archives many positive memories and makes new experiences for me: family and genuine friends. Also, my news streams keep me posted. It is hard to believe that Trump got re-elected.

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (rhetoric.byu.edu)

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