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Antisthecon (an-tis’-the-con): Substitution of one sound, syllable, or letter for another within a word. A kind of metaplasm: the general term for changes to word spelling.

I had brunch at the Broker’s Bar, Grill, and “I scream.” I had the poached egg sundae with strawberry ice cream, and 4 lean “barkin” strips on the side. Woof. Woof. Ha! Ha! Good.

After brunch I went to the bus station to pick up Tess. She’d been out of the City for a couple of days visiting an ashram in Northern New Jersey. As usual, she was dressed like a slut, but I don’t care—she’s my sister, and she stops traffic with her naughty garb—all the tattoos hanging out. One of them is a total puzzle though. It’s a red pickup truck with her driving and giving the finger out the window. I’ve asked 50 times what the tattoo signifies and she won’t tell me. I know she dated a used car salesmen for awhile, but she never bought a truck from him (as far as I know).

Anyway, me and Tess had a great afternoon. We spent some time “riminiscing” about my professional basketball career. My nickname was “Basket Case” and she always thought that was very funny. Then, I asked her about the truck tattoo again. She laughed and pulled up her dress and showed me the leg. The tattoo was gone! She told me she had it removed because she was sick of me asking her what it signified. I hung my head and asked her if she was going to fill the space with a new tattoo. She told me she was thinking of Trump with a bullet hole in his forehead. I almost fell out of my chair. Then, Tess laughed and said, “Just kidding. I’m actually getting a tattoo of Jeff Bezos’ spaceship ‘Blue Origin’ with Scrooge McDuck riding it.” I could see what that signified. I asked if Huey, Dewy, and Louie were riding inside. We laughed. Then, Tess said she had to go. She was painting a mural in the lobby of a very upscale hotel. The theme was “Coming and Going.” She said she was listening to Boy George’s “Karma Chameleon” while she painted. That was pretty funny. We laughed again and hugged goodbye.

I love my sister. I can’t wait to see her again.

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (rhetoric.byu.edu)

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