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Cacozelia (ka-ko-zeel’-i-a): 1. A stylistic affectation of diction, such as throwing in foreign words to appear learned. 2. Bad taste in words or selection of metaphor, either to make the facts appear worse or to disgust the auditors.

He is garbage—stinking slimy garbage, giving “stench” a good name. Rotten to the core, oozing the slime of depredation and the pus of outrageous lies, he cowers in the shadows like a cockroach waiting for a chance to skitter away undetected. He is dog shit stuck on your shoe. He is a loud fart during a religious service.

He preys on bereaved widows, showing up graveside mourning men he never knew, reading their obituaries for information he can use to ingratiate himself to the widow as a long-lost friend. He’s looking for the life insurance pay-out of his “life long” friend that he “grew up with” and “lost touch with” after the Vietnam War. He befriends the widow. He earns her trust. They move in together. They open a joint bank account. He withdraws all the money, buys a plane ticket, and flys away.

With all the photos floating around, we should be able to identify and apprehend this piece of shit. But, we can’t. It’s maddening, but we’re working on a plan. We are going to bait him with a “widow” who is actually an FBI Special Agent. We will do this until he shows up graveside. It could take years. His code name is “Insurance Agent” and hers is “Dead Husband.” Wish us luck.

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (rhetoric.byu.edu).

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