Daily Archives: July 6, 2022


Bdelygmia (del-ig’-mi-a): Expressing hatred and abhorrence of a person, word, or deed.

A: Go ahead and Latinize another word, and I’ll push you down the stairs.

B: Ha ha! Latinize? When you utilize Latinize, you’re utilizing Latinization! You idiotize everything you do. I am reticent to foundationalize my fear of you—you couldn’t push a Slinky Toy down the stairs, let alone me!

A: What the Hell am I doing here? You make me stick. You want to sound learned, but you sound like a pompous fool who struggled through middle school.

B: Your marathonification of this conversation is going to hospitalize me with acute boredom. Back off you Bozotronic excusation for a fiancée. I should’ve listened to my friends. They told me your intolerance is deeper than the impenetrable ocean depths.

A: Ok. Good bye. I hope can utilize the engagement ring.

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (rhetoric.byu.edu).

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