Abating: English term for anesis: adding a concluding sentence that diminishes the effect of what has been said previously. The opposite of epitasis (the addition of a concluding sentence that merely emphasizes what has already been stated. A kind of amplification).

Your writing could fill a book! The book would be like a clogged toilet overflowing with excrement. If you want to write, write me a check for saving you from the ridicule you’ll be subject to by anybody who reads what you’ve written. What you’ve written is a projection of your insanity and befuddled imagination Mr. Verne. Where did you get the idea that the ocean is 20,000 leagues deep and you can float around under it in a boat? I would laugh, but it is too pitiful to deserve anything but scorn or pity. Why don’t you do something worthwhile with your life like sell used buggies or become a professional wrestler? Or, I can get you a job at the scythe factory—there’s a future for you there!

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (rhetoric.byu.edu).

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