Restrictio (re-strik’-ti-o): Making an exception to a previously made statement. Restricting or limiting what has already been said.

I think his brother George made an interesting point about Jeb’s profile on LinkedIn, but jeez, George looks like a weatherbeaten little old shrimp boat when he stands alongside Jeb.  I would say, though, if he’s going to speak in praise of Jeb’s manliness and related leadership qualities, George should get a pair of bullhide elevator Ropers (sort of like like Marco’s man-me-up flamenco boots). Otherwise, who will believe him?

I hope nobody starts calling them “Mutt and Jeb”* on the campaign trail or in photos of them standing  together.

Mutt and Jeb



*Allusion: Mutt and Jeff Cartoon Characters c. 1909


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Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (

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