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Pysma (pys’-ma): The asking of multiple questions successively (which would together require a complex reply). A rhetorical use of the question.

Yesterday, I lost the only key I have to my rental meat locker padlock. How will I get in? How long will it take to get a replacement? Can anybody tell if there’s anybody locked inside? How long does it take to freeze to death? Where is my wife?  Why are you looking at me like that? What are you doing with those bolt cutters? Will you please drop them? Do you think this meat cleaver is a toy? Who are you calling on your cellphone? Why are you trembling? Is that 911 I hear?

Uh oh!

Better look out out!

Oh dear!

Now, you’ve lost your head.

You naughty boy.

I have a confession to make.

I didn’t really lose my key, but it’s too late for you to care!

Honey? Honey? Can you hear me in there?

You always told me you wanted to get ahead, and that I was keeping you back.

Can you hear me? Or, you don’t want to hear me? Typical!


I have a surprise for you! You are going to get a head!

It has blue eyes, and I hope you’re not too dead to appreciate it!


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Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (rhetoric.byu.edu)