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Metaplasm (met’-a-plazm): A general term for orthographical figures (changes to the spelling of words). This includes alteration of the letters or syllables in single words, including additions, omissions, inversions, and substitutions. Such changes are considered conscious choices made by the artist or orator for the sake of eloquence or meter, in contrast to the same kinds of changes done accidentally and discussed by grammarians as vices (see barbarism). See: antistheconaphaeresisapocopeepenthesisparagoge, synaloepha.

That Donald Trump sure isn’t humbly-bumbly–he’s an arrogantic ego-normous self promoting meopolis: A narcissistic sprawl of blighted plans, ramshackle proposals, and dangerous roads and highways.

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Metastasis (me-tas’-ta-sis): Denying and turning back on your adversaries arguments used against you.

The so-called bipartisan report states that I should’ve been better prepared to deal with what was the likelihood of an almost certain attack on our outpost in Benghazi–that we shouldn’t have had high-level assets stationed at such a high-risk location.

All I can say at this point is, as a consequence of Congressional cutbacks to funding of on-the-ground intelligence and expenditures on defensive fortifications of US Government outposts during my time as Secretary of State, I would’ve been surprised to have had any solid information whatsoever as to impending attacks, or anything else for that matter. Moreover, I repeatedly petitioned Congress to fill the intelligence and equipment gaps so I could more effectively do my job and ensure, as much as humanly possible, the safety of our personnel stationed in Libya.

Given the resources I was provided with, I exercised due diligence in my decisions to keep Ambassador Stevens and the CIA Contractors in place.

You may criticize me all day long, but you might as well be criticizing yourselves. When you want to know who is to blame for Benghazi, look at each other and hang your heads.

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Metonymy (me-ton’-y-my): Reference to something or someone by naming one of its attributes. [This may include effects or any of the four Aristotelian causes {efficient/maker/inventor, material, formal/shape, final/purpose}.]

Don’t iron your ideas so flat that they sound like cicadas humming somewhere in Kansas!

Damn! I don’t even know if they’ve got cicadas in Kansas–but you get my point, right?

Go for TA-DA instead of HMMMMM–more people will listen, and that’s half the battle!

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Ominatio (o-mi-na’-ti-o): A prophecy of evil.

Lo unto you, I prophecy:

A bleak darkness shall enwrap merry Olde England in a stinking miasma of bigoted gasses and shattered dreams, fanned throughout the land by droll talking heads and political buskers.

Many Pounds will be shed on an unwanted diet of economic deprivation as the Exchequer lies abed, gasping for hard currency, all skin and bones, yet unrepentant, as the marketplace turns to fire and our brave Investors hose it with Euros in a vain attempt to quell its catastrophic flames.

BREXIT has, shall, and will spell cold hearths, broken hearts and empty purses. Our children will suffer. Our economy will burn out like a super nova, leaving us to observe only smoke and ruin.

As the Crown shall surely fall, an independent Scotland will ascend to its former glory, as its Auld Alliance is resurrected and it stands proudly alongside France, a dire threat to England once again!

Beware! The worm is turning.

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Onedismus (on-e-dis’-mus): Reproaching someone for being impious or ungrateful.

built a real-estate empire.” “I” is your favorite word. What about “We?” We never hear “We.” Is it because “We” don’t matter?

It is obvious–so obvious–that you could not have done it alone! Every once in awhile you acknowledge your children or your wife,  but they’re just an extension of you!

If you want my vote, I need to hear you start saying “We” when you refer to “your” accomplishments. Show some gratitude around the circle of others who have supported you, advised you, guided you and  made you a success–give US a place in the limelight. WE are tired of living in your shadow.

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Onomatopoeia (on-o-mat-o-pee’-a): Using or inventing a word whose sound imitates that which it names (the union of phonetics and semantics).

YOU: Yes sir, that’s my baby. No sir, I don’t mean maybe. Hubba Hubba Hub cap. That’s my gal. Boo poopie doo.

ME: Dave! Your hubcap collecting has gotten out of control. Nobody wants to see you dancing naked on the front porch with a hubcap duct-taped to your crotch.

Put down the beer. Get inside! Put on some clothes! Call it a day!

YOU: Yes sir, that’s my wife. No sir, I do mean strife. Yes sir, she’s a major zip in my ass right now!

Hey wife! Hubcaps have one function: to cover lug nuts.

So, what’s my hubcap doing?

Ha! Ha!

ME: Dave, there’s a crowd gathering on our front lawn. I think I hear the woo wah woo wah of police cars headed up the street.

Get the hell inside!!!

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Optatio (op-ta’-ti-o): Expressing a wish, often ardently.

Y: I wish I could lift 300 pounds. It would be so cool to be a strong man. I could lift the front of a car, or a ATM, or all the crap piled up in your bedroom. I could be called “King Crap Lifter.” Your friends would probably build a monument to me!

OH! How I wish, I wish, I wish!

Z: Go for it dad. It’s about the only thing you’ve wished for since I was born. Your daydreams are like specks of dirt on a cracked camera lens. What you make wishes for are like specks of dirt on the specks of dirt.

So: Go for it King Hernia! And while you’re blowing out an intestine, I wish you’d pay me an allowance; then I might start picking things up.

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Orcos (or’-kos): Swearing that a statement is true.

X: Where is my red shirt?

RAY: I have no idea.

X: You lie you die!

RAY: I swear on my mother’s grave: I DO NOT KNOW.

X: Your mother is alive and well in Miami.

RAY: Well then, I swear on your mother’s grave.

X: That does it. Put up your hands. I’m taking you in.

RAY: Hello, 911? My roommate has flipped his widget–what’s that? His widget! It’s just a figure of speech, like flipping one’s wig, or flipping out.

Now, please send somebody over! He’s threatening me–he is pointing his cheap Chinese spatula at me. He’s waving it around. HURRY!

X: I see my shirt under the couch. Sorry.

RAY: Dumb ass.

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Oxymoron (ox-y-mo’-ron): Placing two ordinarily opposing terms adjacent to one another. A compressed paradox.

Hilary is exuberantly pessimistic about Trump’s chances of being elected. Trump, on the other hand, is caustically optimistic that he’s going to win.

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Paenismus (pai-nis’-mus): Expressing joy for blessings obtained or an evil avoided.

Hark! I bring tidings of comfort and joy!

My new underpants from Duluth Trading Post are all they’re ‘cracked’ up to be.

I walk in comfort. I sit in comfort. I stand in comfort. I live in comfort.

Oh the comfort and joy! No more binding or chafing.

These underpants are my salvation.

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Palilogia (pa-li-lo’-gi-a): Repetition of the same word, with none between, for vehemence. Synonym for epizeuxis.

Money! Money!

Money! Money!

Isn’t there anything in the world you give a damn about except money?

Money in the morning.

Money in the afternoon.

Money in the evening.

Money at night–we sleep with money, dream with money, make love with money, wake up with money!

Money! Money! Money!

Put your mind and you mouth on something besides money, or I’m putting my ass on a taxi seat headed to the airport.

Got it? Shut up about money!

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Parabola (par-ab’-o-la): The explicit drawing of a parallel between two essentially dissimilar things, especially with a moral or didactic purpose. A parable.

We are ready to eat!

We hear that we’re having chicken noodle soup made out of freshly slaughtered, coarsely-chopped, boiled chicken meat and boiled & diced chicken organs, with some chicken bones, broth, noodles & maybe a few carrots, salt, pepper, and parsley.


(For the sake of the diners, it would seem that sometimes it may be better to just call the chicken noodle soup “chicken noodle soup.”)

Accordingly, sometimes no detail is enough detail.

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