Daily Archives: January 21, 2008


Mempsis (memp’-sis): Expressing complaint and seeking help.

Something is very wrong and it needs a lot of fixing. You work hard, yet you can’t afford college for your children. You work hard, yet you can’t afford health insurance for your children. In some cases, even though you work hard–maybe even at two jobs–you can’t provide your children with a nice place to live.  And what’s worse, you can’t even look your children straight in the eye and say, “Don’t worry, everything’s going to be all right.” Well, the only way to make everything all right–to make it better–is to join together and help me help you make everything all right. In less than a year, with your vote, we can turn things around. The future can be better.  I need your help. But, I need your help now. I need to be on that ballot in November if we’re going make everything all right.  So,  . . .

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Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (rhetoric.byu.edu).