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Homoioptoton (ho-mee-op-to’-ton): The repetition of similar case endings in adjacent words or in words in parallel position.

Note: Since this figure only works with inflected languages, it has often been conflated with homoioteleuton and (at least in English) has sometimes become equivalent to simple rhyme: “To no avail, I ate a snail”

This is a long and difficult campaign trail. As I travel this troublesome road I will not fail. No matter where it takes me–through the lands of indecision and even the hamlets of hatred–I will prevail.  For your hope is my travail. I will bear the burden of your dreams everywhere I go. Their weight will make me stronger.  Their beauty will feed my hunger for truth and sustain me as I go forth to find a way to bring us all back home.

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Definition and commentary courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (rhetoric.byu.edu).