Intimation: Hinting at a meaning but not stating it explicitly.

I think that little troll drank all my Johnny Walker. Stealing is not a good thing especially when it results in a DWI and a night in jail. The troll should know better. Even though they are mischief mavens, it’s rare they end up in jail. Funny thing: you ended up in jail last night. Gee, I wonder, are you the little troll?

I know you’ve accused your 10 year old sister of being a drunk—of stealing my scotch and running wild in the streets. That’s about as believable as your denial of doing anything wrong.

I never thought I would say this to my own kid, but you need to get a life. I’ve let you get away with far too much. From now on, you’ll be home by nine o’clock. You will be handcuffed to your bed like a political prisoner. If you don’t like it, you can go live with your mother. You can help her with the pyramid scheme she’s developing. She will not give a damn about what you do. You’ll probably fall out a window or get hit by a bus while you’re under her care.

I will not pay for your funeral. Your best bet is cremation in a cardboard casket. This is called tough love.

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (

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