Paromoiosis (par-o-moy-o’-sis): Parallelism of sound between the words of adjacent clauses whose lengths are equal or approximate to one another. The combination of isocolon and assonance.

I’m going to keep my mind open.

It’s a very foolproof strategy for coping.

Your mind is flooded with a torrent of flowing thought.

So much spilling through your head you can’t even talk.

Your mind has fragmented into flashing mirrors and colored smoke.

You’re done! You’ve coped! Have a snack, tell a joke.

I followed this plan for years. I think you can call it avoidance! You become so confused with all the thoughts filling your head that you actually forget that anything’s bothering you. I found it to be an excellent way to free myself of anxiety. But then, I started having anxiety about how I coped with my anxiety. At that point I realized there is no way to rid yourself of anxiety. Of course, it’s all the future’s fault. The future is the soul of worry. It hasn’t come yet and it is shrouded in hope and fear—we don’t know how it will come—guns blazing, or hugs and kisses. Anyway, maybe the best way to cope is to juggle.

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (

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