Paromologia (par-o-mo-lo’-gi-a): Conceding an argument, either jestingly and contemptuously, or to prove a more important point. A synonym for concessio.

There’s a time to win and a time to lose. There’s also a time to shut the hell up after you win an argument. I admit I was wrong, but your are even more wrong to gloat over a stupid instance of being right, when maybe you are not even right. My watch said 9.59 and yours said 10.00. You had to pick an argument over whose watch was right because you had paid $600.00 for yours on the web and it had just showed up in the mail. My watch is a plastic Timex that has never let me down. Being ‘more or less’ accurate is good enough for me, and if I yield to your anal chronography it won’t make a bit of difference to my timekeeping.

How’s this:

“Atomic Watch: it sounds like a comic book hero’s central prop: Timely Man, with his atomically calibrated watch he is always on time. He is never late. He arrives. He departs. He fights tardiness and earlyness with the vibration of an atom, a spandex suit, and an American Flag.”

Anyway, I noticed your watch doesn’t have a charging port. That means it runs on a battery, which will go dead. I looked on the Atomic Watch website and saw that replacement batteries are $300.00. According to the site, the battery drains every two weeks.

So, I think it’s time for you to return it. I wouldn’t wait a minute. Every second that passes brings you closer to the deadline for returns. You better watch out or you’ll be out $600.00, unless a one-minute difference between my $25.00 Timex and your $600.00 Atomic Watch makes an important difference to you. Time will tell.

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (

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