Skotison (sko’-ti-son): Purposeful obscurity.

A: The elephant has danced with the penguin.

B: It is time to hammer the nail. I am waiting under the old wagon. Can you send me mike clicks so I can confirm your identity?

A: No can do, Soda Bobcat. The click code is compromised. Let me use the belch code: Burp. Barup. Burrrup. Burp. Burp. Burp. Braaaah. Please acknowledge.

B: Roger. Got it. Punting Tuna.

A: I’m headed for the old wagon now. Confirm your location.

B: Under the old wagon. I am removing some drapery to facilitate our maneuvers. Soon, the garden plot will be plowed, and, I suspect, deeply too.

A: Yes, the garden tool is ready as it always is. After maneuvers, let’s debrief at the Shining Lock Pick.

B: Roger that.

A: Roger. I’m almost at the old wagon. I’m holding the garden tool in my hand. Out.

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (

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