Ecphonesis (ec-pho-nee’-sis): An emotional exclamation.

Hosanna! Here comes Mr. Crack, my connection! I’ll be on the pavement tonight, drooling, staring at the starry night, heart beating out a rhumba beat. My soul will be restored! My pants will be marinating in urine! Hallelujah!

Whoever said drugs are bad for you was crazy—part of the notorious pedophile George Soros’s conspiracy to thwart human happiness. With his free clinics and fake counseling he snares unsuspecting libertines with lies about their mothers and free food, especially, and ironically, with lithium-laced baklava flown in directly from Sparta, Greece.

Oh God! I don’t have any money! Now I’ll have to get off my lazy ass and rob somebody. Here comes somebody. I’ll use my rubber knife to scare him.

“Hey chumpinola, hand over your wallet or I’ll stick a hole in you!”


Bystander: Look at that guy on the pavement bleeding all over the place! He’s been shot! He’s peed himself and he’s staring at the sky. He’s smiling, but I think he’s dead.

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (

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