Synaloepha (sin-a-lif’-a): Omitting one of two vowels which occur together at the end of one word and the beginning of another. A contraction of neighboring syllables. A kind of metaplasm.

I love you. ‘Bout as much as my poodle, Bill. I do! I know you find it hard to believe. It’s no big deal with me sleeping in the bed with Bill. I got you a blanket and everything for the couch—that’s love! Can you take Bill for a walk?

WHAT!! Bill got off his leash and got hit by a car? He’s dead? Oh my God. Who will share my bed now? Did you just raise your hand? Poor Bill, he didn’t have a chance. I guess you can move your blanket into our room. Bill won’t mind.

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (

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