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Synathroesmus (sin-ath-res’-mus): 1. The conglomeration of many words and expressions either with similar meaning (= synonymia) or not (= congeries). 2. A gathering together of things scattered throughout a speech (= accumulatio [:Bringing together various points made throughout a speech and presenting them again in a forceful, climactic way. A blend of summary and climax.])

Colors, shades, hues, tones, tints: you can’t make up your mind what to slap on the bathroom walls. Pelican pink? Babylon blue? Raw meat red? Gang green? Minced mauve? You have to make a choice and there are countless color options. Reality is what spans color’s spectrum. Without it there would be no indication that anything’s there, aside from tripping over it, colliding with it or stepping on it. So, make a choice. Pick a color. Paint the bathroom, or leave it Poo-poo beige—the color you’ve lived for 15 years: isn’t it time for a change! Isn’t it time to choose? Your bathroom will be reborn. The time you spend there will be better! Do it!

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (rhetoric.byu.edu)

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