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Synonymia (si-no-ni’-mi-a): In general, the use of several synonyms together to amplify or explain a given subject or term. A kind of repetition that adds emotional force or intellectual clarity. Synonymia often occurs in parallel fashion. The Latin synonym, interpretatio, suggests the expository and rational nature of this figure, while another Greek synonym, congeries, suggests the emotive possibilities of this figure.

Truth, veracity, fact—valorized to the detriment of their opposites, which may come in handy in the fractured prospects of life’s overwhelming complexities. It is always a question, whether to lie, prevaricate, dissemble—to misrepresent the truth—to obscure it with hope and to create a survivable social reality: masking, concealing: hiding a refugee from the authorities, one’s religion from the operators of a latter-day Inquisition, a misdemeanor conviction from 25 years ago.

So, while the truth is always true, always telling it may have grave consequences: it can unjustly hurt, maim, wound or kill if disclosed to evil people.

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (rhetoric.byu.edu)

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