Euche (yoo’-kay): A vow to keep a promise.

ME: I swear I will never do that again. I am ashamed.

YOU: How can you promise never to fart again? Oh, and why would you promise to never fart again? It’s impossible. People have been farting since there have been people & we’re not the only ones. My dog farts.

ME: That’s wrong. My mother never farted and neither did my grandmother. In fact, I’ve never heard you blow one.

YOU: Don’t you understand? Your mother, grandmother and me are private farters. If we have to fart we leave the room, go into the bathroom, or go outdoors. So, if you never want to do THAT again, become a private farter.

ME: Ok, but what do I do when I’m riding in a car?

YOU: Roll down your window and let it rip. The wind from the open window will mask the fart noise and blow away the smell.

ME: Wow! Farting will never be the same again. I promise whenever I can, to do it in private!

YOU: What’s that smell?

ME: Umm 

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (

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