Isocolon (i-so-co’-lon): A series of similarly structured elements having the same length. A kind of parallelism.

The boat. The car. The mower. The house. The kids. The wife. It was his dream come true, but he felt that he needed more things with wheels to drive around on–to round things out.

A motorcycle? An ATV? A tractor? He thought about roller skates and a skateboard, but decided against them because they’re not self-propelled. He decided on a motorcycle for starters.

The first time he rode it, he ran head-on into a tree and was instantly killed. His children and wife fought over the boat, car, mower, and house. Luckily, their lawyers talked them into selling the lot at auction and dividing the proceeds equally. They all agreed, auctioned the stuff, got the payout, split it equally, and continued their lives.

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (

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