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Eustathia (yoos-tay’-thi-a): Promising constancy in purpose and affection.

There’s ice cream. There’s scotch. There’s Porterhouse steak. There’s Cuban cigars. There are the trips to Paris, Istanbul, and Cairo. There is deep sea fishing out of Bimini. There’s more to add to the list, but suffice it to say I truly love these things. But then, there is you. My feelings for you eclipse everything in the world I feel affection for. My love for you is a golden thread that binds me to your soul in a mystic knot of truth and faithfulness, loyalty, and steadfastness. I will never leave you. I will always be true to our marriage vows. In sum, I love you.

But, promises can be broken. There is a sort of jeopardy involved in making them and submitting to them. The future is uncertain. People change and change their minds too. There is an abyss on the other side of promises. Nothing keeps us from tumbling into it but two wills—mine and yours. Trust enables us to bear love’s burden, but that too can become too heavy to bear.

I have to work late tonight. Ms. Jeffries will be assisting me. Trust me, there’s nothing going on between us. She’s smart and a good worker too. Every bachelor in the office wants to date her, even some of the married men. But not me. I got her this expensive tea as a thank-you for what she’s done for me. So, I’ll be home around midnight. Love you! Bye bye.

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (rhetoric.byu.edu).

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