Onedismus (on-e-dis’-mus): Reproaching someone for being impious or ungrateful.

I made breakfast for you again—the 19 millionth time. Eggs, pancakes, bacon, toast & jam, coffee—for the nineteen millionth time, and all you do is gobble it down with slurping and piggy snorting sounds. I bet if somebody saved your life you’d walk away without a word. You’re such an ungrateful snake. I hate you more than I hate our racist neighbor and I hate him so much I’d actually like to kill him—with poison or a blunt instrument to the back of the head.

You don’t respect me, you’ve never respected me since you turned 15 and started smoking and hanging with thugs who are nearly all in jail. So, here’s the bottom line: start showing me some respect and some gratitude or I’m going to kill you. See this tire iron? It’s a blunt instrument. It will put a crack in the back of your head and your brains will squirt out on the floor. From now on, you will say thank-you and you will wash the dishes. If you can’t do this, and you stay here anyway, you’ll become a corpse. You’re free to leave and find somebody else to burden with your character defects. You could go on that dating site

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (rhetoric.byu.ed).

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