Pysma (pys’-ma): The asking of multiple questions successively (which would together require a complex reply). A rhetorical use of the question.

A. Why should I? What’s the use? Why did you choose me? Do you really think I would want to? Have you done it with anyone else before? Will I have to climb any stairs? Is it more than five miles away? Is this your idea? Are you sober? Will it cost me anything?

B. It could cost you your if you life if you don’t shut the hell up with the questions.

A. Does that mean you’re going to answer my questions?

B. I’m warning you, you wise ass. Let me ask you a question. Why do you want to taunt me with your bullshit?

A. Bullshit? How do you get that? Is there something I’m saying that I don’t realize I’m saying? Have I missed or skipped something? Did I misunderstand you?

B. Ok, that’s it. I’m going to ask you again the question I asked you in the first place. Your answer will be yes or no, and NO DAMN QUESTIONS. Here’s the question again: Do you want to go out for sushi?

A. I’m 99% sure that I do. But, can you answer my questions first?

B. No.

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (

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