Restrictio (re-strik’-ti-o): Making an exception to a previously made statement. Restricting or limiting what has already been said.

I said a few weeks ago that the people who stormed the Capitol Building were a group of tourists on their lunch break who were hungry and angry. Well, although I stick to the major framework of my belief, additional information has come to light on FOX News, to wit, the people are members of Militia Clubs of America whose bus dropped them off at the wrong venue. They thought they were at the Washington National Zoo, where they had come to liberate their mascot that had been “kidnapped” by US Government Animal Control Agents. They believed their peacock, Himmler, was being held against its will and subject to government brainwashing.

Given this new information from a highly credible source, I am willing to revise my initial statement to take into account the latest revelations. Choose which version you may, as long as you choose only one version. Even we can’t believe both at the same time, but as loyal Ultra-Conservatives, we are required to believe, and espouse, one. Take your pick and spread the word.

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (

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