Alliteration (al-lit’-er-a’-tion): Repetition of the same letter or sound within nearby words. Most often, repeated initial consonants. Taken to an extreme alliteration becomes the stylistic vice of paroemion where nearly every word in a sentence begins with the same consonant.

When will the United States’ presidential primary campaign clown show be over with? We want world leaders running for office.

Ask yourself:

Could Bozo do the job?  No.

Could Ronald MacDonald do the job? No.

What about Pee Wee Herman or Clarabell or Side-Show Bob or Benny Hill? No. No. No.

Well, maybe Benny Hill, but he belongs in British Parliamentary politics. Too bad he’s gone to the Big Panto in the sky.

Ralph Nader, where are you? Probably trapped in a Corvair somewhere in Canada.

Ross Perot, you are not demented (yet)! ‘Merica needs you now more than ever! Get out there! Wear your cowboy boots!! Walk all over Walker!  Strangle Trump with your bolo tie!! Make Hilary ride side-saddle!! Put pearl snaps in Jeb’s corn flakes!! Ride Christie bareback around Trenton!!

Go Ross go!

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Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (

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