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Homoioteleuton (ho-mee-o-te-loot’-on): Similarity of endings of adjacent or parallel words.

Saw baby saw! Go ahead, cut down another tree! It’s ok with me!

Saw baby saw–cut them all!  Save our struggling shopping mall!

We need a bigger parking lot.  So, I say “Why not?”  All that asphalt’s nobody’s fault–it’s by design–it’s like a big strip mine that will fill with chugging dollar signs–Escalades, Hyundais, soccer vans,  and pickup trucks will soon be queuing  up–they’ll all be parking there, filled with shoppers shopping here!

Call me a visionary if you like!

Saw baby saw!

Save our struggling shopping mall!

That patch of tar and stone will benefit us all (not to mention my little business in the mall)–the parking lot is worth so much more than a wasteland filled with trees that harbor wild squirrels and dirty birds–untamed beasts and fowl that harass our kids, build unsightly nests, chatter and caw, dig for nuts, and crap on our windshields.

Saw baby saw!

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Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (rhetoric.byu.edu)