Ennoia (en-no’-i-a): A kind of purposeful holding back of information that nevertheless hints at what is meant. A kind of circuitous speaking.

Why are you watching “Wheel of Fortune” like every other night? If you knew what I found out today, you’d be watching “Jeopardy ” instead.

There’s good and bad, right and wrong, and wrong, wrong, wrong!

Ok—I’ll come right out and say it: You mowed the lawn. Jimmy called and told me you were mowing away when he pulled up in his truck. He lost his wages to you. Not only that, our neighborhood status has taken a big hit: everybody hires a person to do their yard work and a certain order of prestige attaches to that.

This is what you do: laundry, grocery shopping, cooking. This is what they do: yard work, take care of the pool, and clean the house. This is what I do: go to work at the lye factory and have three martinis (which I make) each night when I get home. That’s it.

Listen to this: “Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man.” I have a dream, or I thought, we had dream: to live a settled life with no speed bumps, potholes, or roadkills. If you’d rather live our lives in a mosh pit, let me know, but I need predicability, tranquility, and peace.

I don’t know. Maybe I do need to loosen up. There’s something sort of boring about predictability, tranquility, and peace. I know! Let’s go out to Butcher Bill’s Big Meats! I’ll have sweetbreads and the “New York High Rise Strip Steak,” and you can have the “Proper Vegetarian Salad” and some rolls. Sound like fun?

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (rhetoric.byu.edu).

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