Eulogia (eu-lo’-gi-a): Pronouncing a blessing for the goodness in a person.

“Robin Hood, Robin Hood riding through the glen.” Your well-tailored cammo breeches and matching tunic, and jerkin with a ruffle fringe that flutters when you run from the stooge posse, are the height of highwayman fashion. Your hat with the pheasant feather pen is totally cool—while you’re on the run, you can write threats and sarcastic thank-you notes for stolen loot, and also, tickle Maid Marion under the chin when you have some personal time together at your secure hideout in Sherwood Forest; in your wooden hut with running water, a fireplace, and a bed wide enough for romping.

But more than all of that, we are grateful for your valor and courage in harassing the depraved Sheriff of Nottingham in his dirty dealing campaign to overthrow our rightful King in his absence, and make Merry England into Scary England. Time after time you have come to England’s rescue, interdicting the nefarious actions of the evil Sheriff. You tirelessly pursue the preservation and application of the the basic tenets of Magna Carta: all people, no matter their social status or rank, are subject to the law, even the king.

For all of your goodness, we bless you. Additionally, we pray you will continue to protect England and it’s subjects.

Robin Hood, as a token of our love, we give you this time piece from far-away Bavaria: a bird pops out of the little door every hour and makes a “cowkoo” sound. Again, we are in your debt.

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (

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