Exuscitatio (ex-us-ci-ta’-ti-o): Stirring others by one’s own vehement feeling (sometimes by means of a rhetorical question, and often for the sake of exciting anger).

I am totally sick of having to have Mr. Tallyman tally my bananas before I can go home to my wife and son Harry. It’s patronizing! It’s demeaning! It’s degrading. I know how many bunches I picked, working all night long—Banana Spiders falling on my bare shoulders and big black rats circling around my bare feet gnawing at the banana trees.

If I have to call out to Mr. Tallyman to tally my bananas one more time, and stand here wasting my time waiting for him as the hot sun rises or the rain falls, I am going to stick a green banana up Mr. Tallyman’s ass and go home. Is anybody else with me? Does anybody else want to be a little more free? Why do we have to wait around for the damn tally? When we’re done picking, we can do the tally, go home, and pick up our pay tomorrow. To hell with Mr. Tallyman and Damn you Del Monte too!

YOU are a man! I am a man! WE are men! TOGETHER we are strong. Do not fear the Tallyman! Do not fear Del Monte! Do your own tally and go home!

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (rhetoric.byu.edu).

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