Inter se pugnantia

Inter se pugnantia (in’-ter-say-pug-nan’-ti-a): Using direct address to reprove someone before an audience, pointing out the contradictions in that person’s character, often between what a person does and says.

I am taking part in this commission to get to the truth, knowing full well that the truth does not speak for itself and that it must be effectively expressed in order for it to induce belief. You have been as effective as Satan himself at making lies appear true and entrenching them in America’s narrative and circulating them as if they are rock-solid bulwarks of honesty and compassion, but they are not!

Unlike Fox News where you can knowingly spout your lies and walk out the door to a standing ovation, here you are under oath and your assertions and statements will be fact-checked. Lying may earn you the praise of your co-conspirators, but it will also earn you time in jail.

You say you want freedom to ring—that you stand for and protect American democracy, when in fact, you stand for and protect autocracy—a dictatorship that would undermine and supplant 244 years of our democracy’s ever-expanding franchise.

That said, we need your help constructing the back-story of what happened on January 6. In sum, we want to bring the perpetrators to justice for planning and inciting a coordinated attack on America’s electoral process.

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (

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