Repotia (re-po’-ti-a): 1. The repetition of a phrase with slight differences in style, diction, tone, etc. 2. A discourse celebrating a wedding feast.

1. Where’s my hammer? Where IS my hammer? C’mon—where is it? The hammer! Where! Look, I have another birdhouse to build. Why are you hiding my hammer? Stop laughing and give me my hammer.

2. I’ve been married 6 times—every one a total failure. Here, today, on your wedding day—on your first wedding day, I wish you more happiness than I ever had, or could have had, as a cheating shagmeister. But men are like that—they cheat, they lie, they break hearts, they yell, they push their wives around, they get divorced.

Whoops! I am so sorry, I got sidetracked there, talking about my loser self. Ray here will love Gloria forever and try his best to make her happy. Of course he’ll lie to Gloria now and again, but I’m pretty sure he won’t cheat. So, together, you should celebrate your love and the good times marriage affords. As a bonus, you’ve got a baby on the way very soon—you’ll get to start your marriage as a family: you’re on a fast track! Most people wait a year.

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (

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