Anacoenosis (an’-a-ko-en-os’-is): Asking the opinion or judgment of the judges or audience, usually implying their common interest with the speaker in the matter [and illustrating their communally-held ideals of truth, justice, goodness and beauty, for better and for worse].

How far should we go as we condemn our enemies? Should we threaten to kill them? Should we see justice done?

We all agree that our enemies are dangerous and pose a threat to our way of life, and the lives of many innocent victims: men and women who just want to live their lives in peace.

Time is of the essence. We should make our choice before it is too late.

We must bomb them in their strongholds–especially in the rugged hills where they gather in caves and tunnels and plan their next attack or construct their IEDs.

Who would object? None of us would object. The die is cast. We will bomb their strongholds tomorrow at 04.00. We will eliminate the threat they pose. We will help our allies live better lives.

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” ( Bracketed test added by Gorgias.

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