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Antanaclasis (an’-ta-na-cla’-sis): The repetition of a word or phrase whose meaning changes in the second instance.

I can’t stomach your stomach any more! When we first met you were slim and trim–you looked like a Greek God. Now, you look like a bloated Greek gyro.

For some reason you seem to be proud of your protrusion. Well, it does not make me feel proud to be with you out in public.

I hope you’re willing to do something about your overeating so we can cruise into the future together–I just don’t want to worry about having to give you CPR at some point, call 911, or listen to your so-called “friends” call you fatty names behind your back.

I’m not tired of loving you, but I do actually get tired defending you, worrying about you, and worrying about us.

For our relationship’s sake, please do something about your weight.

If you bring your dimensions back to where they were when we first met, there will be positive dimensions added back to our relationship that will benefit us both!

Just let me know how I can help. Together, we can do it!

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (rhetoric.byu.edu).

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