Daily Archives: July 14, 2016


Mesozeugma (me’-so-zyoog’-ma): A zeugma in which one places a common verb for many subjects in the middle of a construction.

Monday dragged by, then Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Saturday at last!

It was coming today–at least that’s what the advertisement said when the man ordered 100 pounds of chocolate from Holland: “Fresh from Amsterdam in 1 week” the ad said.

The doorbell rang. The postal delivery person was on the front porch. He had a huge ring of chocolate around his lips and was looking sheepish.

The man was furious: “It is against the law to tamper with the mail. You ate my chocolate–all 100 pounds.”

The postal delivery man said “No, no, no, I didn’t eat it all. The chocolaty smell was too much. I could not contain myself.”

“Here’s what’s left–at least 95 pounds.”

The man was a kind soul. He forgave the postal delivery person and invited him over for extra large s’mores later that evening.

The postal delivery person accepted the invitation and promised to bring a 2 cases of graham crackers and 5o pounds of marshmallows.

It was going to be a big deal–maybe the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Not only that, the postal delivery man had gotten away with stealing mail–a federal offense–a felony. That was good.