Metastasis (me-tas’-ta-sis): Denying and turning back on your adversaries arguments used against you.

You say I’m evil because I eat meat. From alligator to zebra, from zorilla to agouti, I’ll never be a vegetarian! You say you’re a vegetarian and that’s what gives you the right to condemn me. I don’t know about the logic of that claim, but since when is rabbit a vegetable?

Here’s a picture of you taken yesterday inhaling braised honey mustard bunny at Chez Bonaparte! Come on Mr. Beet-head get down off your high hors d’oeuvre! Come out from behind that lettuce and let us know the truth: You are an omnivore!

You can criticize me all day long, but don’t vest your credibility in a lie!

I have one last thing to say to you: You’re BAAhhhhhhd!

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Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (

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