Scesis Onomaton

Scesis Onomaton (ske’-sis-o-no’-ma-ton): 1. A sentence constructed only of nouns and adjectives (typically in a regular pattern).  2. A series of successive, synonymous expressions.

1. Truthful, honest, straightforward friends!

2. This road is long.  This road is wide.  This road is narrow.  This road leads  everywhere.  And we’ve been on this road–we’ve been riding this road–we’ve been walking this road–we’ve been traveling this road.  And we’re taking our message of hope wherever it leads us–to the large houses, to the farm houses, to the apartment houses, to the cabins, and the condos, the mobile homes and the developments–big and small–to the homes of the free and the homes of the brave, to the tired hungry undaunted souls on the streets and under the overpasses.  To all of you: The future is wide open. Change is on the road. Change is headed for Washington, D.C. Hope is moving to the White House!

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Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (

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