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Skotison (sko’-ti-son): Purposeful obscurity.

As I speak, a plan is being planned–a plan so well-planned that its planners plan to be nominated for the “Best Plan Ever Award!”

I can’t give you specifics right now, but I plan on doing so as soon as the planners give me the green light–right now the light’s red, but surely it will turn green, and as soon as it turns green, the plan will be known!

All hail the planners!

For their plan will be wise, and we will be the beneficiaries of the planners’ well-planned plan!


Surely, a bright future awaits us!

We shall be blessed with a plan!

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Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (rhetoric.byu.edu).


Polysyndeton (pol-y-syn’-de-ton): Employing many conjunctions between clauses, often slowing the tempo or rhythm. (Asyndeton is the opposite of polysyndeton: an absence of conjunctions.)

We saw the problem clearly, and we made a plan to fix it, and we found a way to capture the resources to enable the plan’s implementation, and we implemented the plan, and after all we said, and all we did, we did have our hope fulfilled, and after 18 years of struggle our lives have returned to normal, and our community, our beautiful community, is restored.

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