Apodioxis (ap-o-di-ox’-is): Rejecting of someone or something (such as the adversary’s argument) as being impertinent, needless, absurd, false, or wicked.

We do not need another damn blender! We have three already, for God’s sake. When you started on your smoothie kick, I thought it was ok—healthy beverages are good. But now, seeing three blenders lined up on the kitchen counter makes me crazy. Why do you have to give each of your blenders a three-day rest between their use? Why have you decided you need four blenders now for a four-day rest? I mean, we don’t need four cars or lawnmowers for “resting” purposes.

So, if you try to bring another blender into this house, I am going to turn off the electricity and call your grandmother. You can go stay with her and have all the blenders you want! Once you’re out of here, I’m bringing my other five toasters back up from the basement and resume toasting English muffins the way they should be toasted.

No more blenders!

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (rhetoric.byu.edu)

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