Mesozeugma (me’-so-zyoog’-ma): A zeugma in which one places a common verb for many subjects in the middle of a construction.

I was trying to find an appropriate way to tell him, inform him, let him know he was going to be confined to the basement of the White House until the People’s Tribunal figured out what to do with him. Most members argued that life in prison was too good for him. Most of what was recommended was too gruesome to share with the general public. One idea that was starting to get some traction was a life-sentence to highly supervised community service. This would entail wiping and washing elderly peoples’ butts, emptying bedpans, giving baths to homeless people, and, among others, being a practice dummy for prostate exams. One risk here, though, is that he may try to make himself look like a decent human being for helping people, even if mandated.

Oh well. We’ve got some more thinking to do.

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (

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