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Conduplicatio (con-du-pli-ca’-ti-o): The repetition of a word or words. A general term for repetition sometimes carrying the more specific meaning of repetition of words in adjacent phrases or clauses. Sometimes used to name either ploce or epizeuxis.

More! More! More! More what? Soup? Money? Lawn tractors? Friends? Weasels? Bar codes? Guns? Shoes? Bandwidth? Cake? Rainbows? Rice cookers? Wine? Smart Wool socks? Rings? Car seats? Salt? Scissors? Time? Proof? Polartec pants? Printer paper? Windows? Gluten? Gaslights? Cash? Ripe avacados? Room? Tea? Tables? Turnstiles? Tonsils? Fur coats? Space heaters? Sweaters? Crayons? Or what?

More! More! More! Never stop. No surfeit! No bulge! No harps playing as they put you on eternal layaway.

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (rhetoric.byu.edu)

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