Anthypophora (an’-thi-po’-phor-a): A figure of reasoning in which one asks and then immediately answers one’s own questions (or raises and then settles imaginary objections). Reasoning aloud. Anthypophora sometimes takes the form of asking the audience or one’s adversary what can be said on a matter, and thus can involve both anacoenosis and apostrophe.

We need a new President! Democrat? Libertarian? Green Party?

I didn’t include Republican. Why? I know where that would take us. Don’t you know where we’ve been so far? On a hell ride from outer space.

Trump’s Executive Orders are like a string of nightmares scaring America. But, it’s not just about Trump, it’s about the entire Republican party. For example, their health care bill is like something planned to cull the weak and sick from America’s citizenry. What is it worth? Nothing but pointed criticism.

I am anxiously awaiting the visit of China’s President. Let’s hope some tangible good comes of it.

I’m not optimistic.

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (

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