Antisagoge (an-tis-a-go’-gee): 1. Making a concession before making one’s point (=paromologia); 2. Using a hypothetical situation or a precept to illustrate antithetical alternative consequences, typically promises of reward and punishment.

1. There’s no doubt that there’s a high degree of risk involved, but if we don’t act now all bets are off.

2. Imagine this: It comes to your attention that one of your fellow employees is stealing office supplies to support the small business he’s set up on the side to defray the costs of his wife’s cancer treatment. What should you do? If you turn him in, he will be fired. If you don’t turn him in, you will be fired. What should you do? Be creative–surely there are more than two possible choices!

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Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (

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