Ominatio (o-mi-na’-ti-o): A prophecy of evil.

Hear me Donald, for I am We The People!

Your future is as dim as a flashlight with an overwrought battery, eking out its last yellowed rays on the floor of a cheap motel room. Your future will include embarrassment and disgrace and marital failure (again). Your elevator shoes will cause you to stumble on world-broadcast TV and a roar of global laughter will ensue as you stand up with a small poop stain on the back of your pants.

Donald: you are doomed. Soon you will be residing in a homeless camp in California. You will be beaten and bullied every day. Sean Hannity will ridicule you on FOX News. Mitch McConnell will be your only friend. He will be your next door neighbor, but he won’t share his canned sardines with you.

Donald: Prepare for the inevitable. Prepare to become the world’s foremost pariah.

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (

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