Daily Archives: March 3, 2018


Antiprosopopoeia (an-ti-pro-so-po-pe’-i-a): The representation of persons [or other animate beings] as inanimate objects. This inversion of prosopopoeia or personification can simply be the use of a metaphor to depict or describe a person [or other animate being].

Hey look–it’s President Dump! I’m not talking about that kind of dump. I’m talking about the random collection of garbage euphemistically called a land fill. President Dump has been in office over a year and all he’s done is accumulate trash–he calls it executive orders, I call it swill–rotten waste material stinking up the USA.

Let’s face it, President Dump’s mind is a garbage pail that’s never been emptied. It’s overflowing with 71 years of slop. There’s no way to fix it. We’ve just got to hold our noses until 2020 and hope he goes back to doing what he does best: swindling, declaring bankruptcy, and being a jerk (which he’s doing now).

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Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (rhetoric.byu.edu). Bracketed text added by Gorgias.