Apodioxis (ap-o-di-ox’-is): Rejecting of someone or something (such as the adversary’s argument) as being impertinent, needless, absurd, false, or wicked.

Every time I hear Obama talking about feeding the homeless, or some other social welfare scheme, I want to puke. He says we should do it because it is our “Christian duty.” I don’t know what Christ he’s talking about! Jesus always charged a reasonable fee–in fact–he was so good, such a perfect guy, that he had a sliding scale. Jesus never gave anything away for free. If he had, nobody would’ve respected him and we wouldn’t have institutionalized the sliding scale.  The famous Biblical verse sums it up: “Chargeth them no less than what they can affordeth.” Of course, the sliding scale has prompted virtually all businesspeople to do business solely with the middle- and upper-classes.

It is the will of God.

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (rhetoric.byu.edu)

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