Catacosmesis (kat-a-kos-mees’-is): Ordering words from greatest to least in dignity, or in correct order of time.

It was dark. Soon it would be daylight and we would resume our trip, but first we’d eat breakfast, have some coffee and get dressed. Today, like yesterday, was going to be hot. I would wear shorts and a t-shirt and so would my wife. Our camper van didn’t have A/C. So, by the time it hit 9.00am it was uninhabitable. We had to drive the van until night’s coolness and find a place to pull over and rest.

This ‘trip’ has been ongoing ever since I robbed a gas station outside of Palmdale. We had probably traveled nearly 1,000 miles–every day the same: get up at sun up, drive all day, stop after dark. We didn’t know where we were going, and it was almost certain we would be caught by local police or highway patrol. We didn’t care. We had a pile of handguns between us on the seat.

I started calling myself Clyde two days ago and Barbara followed suit with Bonnie last night.

I don’t know why we want to die, but I do know we want to do it together.

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (

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