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Epanodos (e-pan’-o-dos): 1. Repeating the main terms of an argument in the course of presenting it. 2. Returning to the main theme after a digression. 3. Returning to and providing additional detail for items mentioned previously (often using parallelism).

There have been millions, billions, most likely, trillions of dollars spent on researching the causes of lots of things and supporting others. As your President I believe that’s too much. These tax dollars could be spent elsewhere on things like walls, gates, golf courses, hotels, fighter jets, coal mines, pipelines and other things to make “America Great Again.”

Getting back to the money that’s been spent:

Did you know the US government has spent around $5 billion per year on cancer research? Ha! What a waste! How many years has this “research” been going on? Forever! Enough already!

Did you know the US government spent around $108 billion on education? My God! As far as I can see, we don’t need a bunch of over-educated eggheads running the country and telling us what to do. What kind of President would Einstein make? He would’ve built A-bombs and blown us all the hell.

Did you know the US government spends around $550 million on “occupational safety and health”? First, it’s beyond me how occupational safety and health can be part of the same government agency! Health has to do with colds and rickets and things like that! Give me a break. “Occupational safety” is another way of saying keep piling on the rules and regulations until businesses can’t make a decent profit. Where I come from, if you take the job, you assume the risk: lose a finger, contract black lung: it’s all the same. You knew what you were getting into! Suck it up.

There are many more examples of US government spending gone wild. We need to reprioritize government spending–put the dollars where they count to make real differences in the lives of the American people.

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (rhetoric.byu.edu).