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Exergasia (ex-er-ga’-si-a): Repetition of the same idea, changing either its words, its delivery, or the general treatment it is given. A method for amplification, variation, and explanation. As such, exergasia compares to the progymnasmata exercises (rudimentary exercises intended to prepare students of rhetoric for the creation and performance of complete practice orations).

Where are we headed? Up? Down? All around? One night it’s Mr. Teleprompter. Another night it’s Wild Don. Two different ways of making messages, plus two different messages.

Where are we headed? Up? Down? All around? It seems we have a President who is two-faced. His messages in tone and content seem to contradict themselves. Where positions collide, you can’t believe either. If you try to believe both, you’ll go nuts.

The consensus seems to be that Wild Don is the actual Don and that Mr. Teleprompter is fake.

So, where are we headed? Up? Down? All around? I say all of the above as we ride a not so merry merry-go-round into an uncertain and frightening future.

Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (rhetoric.byu.edu).

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