Antirrhesis (an-tir-rhee’-sis): Rejecting reprehensively the opinion or authority of someone.

Why do I hear “quack, quack, quack” when you start talking about climate change? Do you really think the white lab coat you’re wearing gives you any credibility? Maybe, if you’re playing Ken & Barbie and you’re modeling Ken’s Halloween costume, it would work to afford you some credibility, but only as Dr. Barbie’s bumbling sidekick Prof. Hoax.

As far as being a ‘real’ scientist goes, the white coat’s not enough–especially when you start talking about so-called “natural” forces as the cause of climate change, rather than human agency.  The ‘natural forces’ you cite are humanly induced effects first, and secondarily, causes of bad things: like melting polar icecaps, flooding Pacific islands, destruction of coral reefs, wildfires, etc.

The only positive thought I have whenever I hear you speak is that it is your Constitutional right to do so. That’s after I yell “boo!” at you and wonder once again, who the hell is paying you to fill peoples’ heads with lies and nonsense. In short, who’s the evil rich person buying the bullshit you’re selling? Who?

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Definition courtesy of Silva Rhetoricae (

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